2016 IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology

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The IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology

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Started by Professor John Emery in 1979, the 6-day annual course consists of lectures, discussions, practical sessions and slide seminars, offered at a variety of European venues and featuring international and local experts. The annual course is limited to about 50 participants, and there is a waiting list for admission. Once admitted, a participant can complete a rolling program of 5 annual courses, considered an informal rite of passage for European paediatric pathologists.

Local Organiser's welcome letter

2016 IPPA Advanced Course

15th to 21st October 2016

Món Sant Benet Hotel & Conference Centre

Barcelona, Spain


Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to Catalonia, Spain and the XXXVIII IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology. The meeting will be held from the 15thtill 21st of October, 2016, in MónSant Benet (Sant Fruitós de Bages). Monastery of Sant Benet was built in 960 A.C. by the Order of Saint Benedict. This is a historical place located 70km/ 43 miles away from Barcelona airport.

Catalonia is located in the north east part of Spain. The creation of Catalonia took place during the Reconquest (the expulsion of the Arabs at the Iberian Peninsula) in the 9th Century A.C. Catalonia has a very rich heritage, including its national Catalan language, music, art and food!

The Course has been designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in fetal, perinatal, paediatric and placental pathology. Many distinguished paediatric pathologists and scientists will be joining this Course.

For the opening session, a complement performance of the most amazing and surprising Catalan tradition, the Human Towers or the “Castellers” will be presented.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at the Hotel Món. The hotel is only 5-minute walk from congress. You will find plenty of stunning gardens at and around the hotel premises and the temperature around this time of the year is mostly warm and sunny, so it may be the perfect place to do outside walking. Bring suitable shoes for this occasion!

Social dinner will take place at the Michelin star awarded Restaurant I’ “Ó” to try the most traditional Spanish food.

There are plenty of other social activities that complement the scientific sessions including Cardona and Montserrat sightseeing. There you will discover great treasures about Catalan artists. And, of course, we will be delighted to show you a small sample of the great Barcelona.

We would like to express our thanks to our dedicated staff, colleagues, friends and families for their untiring help, support and advice in planning and their excellent arrangements in all aspects of the Course.

We hope that you will enjoy the Course and that your interaction with your colleagues from many different countries will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding. We also hope and trust that you will enjoy your visit to the very beautiful and exciting city of MónSant Benet, in October 2016.


Nearer the course, we will provide information regarding transportation from Barcelona.


Yours sincerely,

Carlota Rovira (

Joan Carles Ferreres (



Course Director:

Dr Marta Cohen


Announcement presentation and Programme

programme-welcome (6.8M)

Registration Process

To register for future courses please download & complete IPPA COURSE WAITING LIST FORM.pdf or get in touch for further information.


Course Hotel

Món Sant Benet Hotel & Conference Centre

8272, Sant Fruitós de Bages



Tel: 93 875 94 04 

Fax: 93 875 94 20 

Visit Hotel website (opens new window)



Course Venue

Món Sant Benet Hotel & Conference Centre

8272, Sant Fruitós de Bages



Tel: 93 875 94 04 

Fax: 93 875 94 20 

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Travel & Excursions Information


14.30 - Tour Of Barcelona - La Pedrera


 Designed between 1906 and 1912, UNESCO-listed La Pedrera is one of Barcelona's icons, and was the last building that Gaudí worked on before he devoted his attention to La Sagrada Familia.

Often called Casa Milà after the family who commissioned Gaudi to create it, the building’s official name translates as ‘the quarry’ in Spanish, and some of its most beautiful spaces are open to the public.


Sunday 19.30, Dinner at the Moritz Factory


The Sunday dinner will be in Barcelona, at the Moritz Factory . This is an old beer factory, which has has been transformed into an impressive gastronomic space of totally 4500 square meters, designed by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel.

Being founded in Barcelona in 1856, the old Moritz beer factory is a space with a special atmosphere, including both old and modern elements. Here you can see how traditional Moritz beer is being produced and taste their artisan products that are offered in their restaurants and bars, not to mention up to 400 different high-quality wines that you can choose from. 

Why not take time out to visit some of Barcelona's amazing sights!


Visit Montserrat


Montserrat is one of the most popular and unique treasures that Catalonia has to offer. First and foremost a sanctuary, Montserrat is of religious and historical significance. Once the place of a religious sighting, it has now come to symbolise one of the most important sites for religious pilgrimage in the world.

The Monastery's unique location at the very heart of Montserrat Mountain also ensures that is an ideal location for nature lovers - the geology, flora and fauna of the natural park mean that you can while away hours on the many walks that begin at the Monastery.

See PDF Handout ‘Montserrat’ (below) for full details & more images.


Cardona's Salt Mountain Cultural Park


This site became one of the most important potassium salt mines in the world, called Mina Nieves de Cardona (1929-1990). Nowadays, the old mine is the Salt Mountain Cultural Park, a cultural facility aiming to spread the importance of salt, the geological uniqueness of  the site and the explotaition of this natural resource for centuries.

The Salt Mountain Cultural Park offers the visitor:

A walk through the old mining facilities.

A guided tour at a depth of 86 m: Inside the galleries of the Salt Mountain, open since 1997, the various spectacular folds and seams of the deposit and diversity of minerals are displayed in all their splendour. A unique place in the world!

See PDF Handout ‘Cardona Salt Mountain’ (below) for full details & more images.


Course Tours & Further Travel Docs.

Cardona_Salt_Mountain (284.6K)
Montserrat_excursions (375.9K)
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Please find below, all registered IPPA course Graduates from 2016




BOGAARD Pauline Denmark 2016
HOGENES Marieke Netherlands 2016
JAYASSINGHE Caren Germany 2016
JEVON Gareth Australia 2016
MAGLIO Silvana Argentina 2016
MAS-MARRIE Anne Elisabeth Canada 2016
MEAD Zoe United Kingdom 2016
NICKLAUS-WOLLENTEIT Inna United Kingdom 2016
PENMAN Dawn United Kingdom 2016
RAEVSKAYA lidia Russian Federation 2016
SHUKLA Rajeev United Kingdom 2016
WATSON Mike New Zealand 2016


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If you would like to attend the next IPPA Advanced course, please download & complete the
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